• Do you suffer from Anxiety/Depression?

• Stress? Panic? Insomnia? Chronic Pain?

• Do you have Low Self-Esteem?

• Relationship Issues?

• Trying to Stop Smoking or Lose Weight?

• Looking to Stop Drinking? Or cut alcohol consumption down to a healthy level?

• Or need to stop taking recreational drugs?

• Do you have a stress-related illness? Such as Hypertension? Or IBS?

Try Hypnotherapy and Counselling in Swansea with Caradie James.

She specialises in mental health issues such as anxiety/depression, bipolar disorder, panic attacks and low self-esteem.

She is also an expert at helping people to remove the blocks that can prevent them from forming loving relationships or developing their true potential.

Her hypnotherapy treatments also help people to stop smoking, stop drinking (or cut down to a healthy level), stop taking recreational drugs, improve eating habits, increase fertility, overcome phobias, and to reduce Chronic Pain symptoms.

Whatever your issue, Caradie can help you to resolve it.

Call Caradie for a free telephone consultation on 07918 955 637 or 01792 220611

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Caradie's Testimonials

"I have smoked socially since I was 15 years old, mostly only smoking socially when I drink alcohol on nights out, however in recent years due to the lockdown, i had started smoking daily and have found it really difficult to quit.

Caradie was recommended to me by a friend so I thought I would give it a go. I had no expectations and really thought that the hypnosis would not work for me as I struggle to concentrate, but I was desperate to quit.

Caradie was so lovely, the hypnosis was so relaxing. When I left I just felt different and didn’t want to smoke. It has now been 6 weeks since I have quit smoking and visited Cardie and I haven’t smoked since, for the first time in years I just feel like a non smoker. I can’t explain how, but my thought process is totally different. I just don’t want one, not even with alcohol.

The only advice I can give is if you really want to quit (and you need to really want to quit), you should definitely give hypnosis with Caradie a try."

- KJ

"The treatment I received was outstanding I suffer with bi polar and my mental health has improved greatly I very rarely suffer with anxiety anymore what an amazing service."

- Claire D

"I went to Caradie over a year ago because of a needle phobia. She’s changed my life. Since going not only has my needle phobia gone, I’m more confident in myself and have a completely different outlook on life. I’ve since had all the covid vaccines & 5 piercings with more planned. She works magic & I can’t recommend her enough!"

- Emily P

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Hypnosis: It's all in the mind. New research from America has also found that more than half the people who used hypnotherapy to give up smoking were able to kick the habit, while researchers in France have successfully used the therapy to lower blood pressure.

Professor Peter Whorwell, a gastroenterologist who heads the only NHS-funded hypnotherapy centre in Britain, "I would say hypnosis is potentially the most powerful. It is becoming a treatment of choice for IBS.

"When I am dead and gone, people are going to suddenly realise hypnosis is an incredibly powerful tool and question why it's been ignored for so long.''

Just how it works is not clear, and some critics suggest it's simply a way of relaxing. But practitioners say there's more to it, and that under hypnosis the patient can concentrate intensely on a specific thought, memory, feeling or sensation while blocking out any distractions.

"The first thing you have to do is get past the myths and misconceptions about clinical hypnosis," says Dr Carol Ginandes who led a study into its use for anxiety at Harvard Medical School.

"It is not used for entertainment. There are no Svengali-like figures in power-dominant relationships. It's not a sleep state or something that someone can make you do. It's a state of a more heightened, focused attention that we can all shift into very naturally.''

In a study at the Scott and White Memorial Hospital in Texas, smokers were given eight sessions of therapy over two months, and told to quit smoking one week after beginning the course of treatment. Carbon-monoxide concentration tests were carried out on the patients to see whether they had smoked after treatment, and results showed that by the end of treatment 40 per cent had given up. At a follow-up 12 weeks later, 60 per cent had quit.


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