Chronic Pain Management

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Caradie James Pain Management treatment combines the powerful disciplines of Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Therapy and Reiki Healing.

By working on the mind, body and emotions during the same session Caradie has achieved outstanding results with people suffering from both acute and chronic pain.

It is widely accepted that chronic pain, in particular, has a significant psychological component. As negative emotions accumulate over time they can develop into physical symptoms. Factors such as prolonged stress, unresolved trauma and repressed emotions such as anxiety, fear and anger can contribute to chronic pain. When these are removed through the process of hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Therapy and Reiki healing pain can be significantly reduced and in some cases completely released.

How can Hypnotherapy help?

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for managing pain. Hypnosis relaxes the body, which greatly reduces muscle tension- a common component of pain. A compelling body of evidence has proven time and again that hypnosis can numb or reduce pain, or even eliminate chronic pain completely.

Hypnosis empowers us to re-frame our thoughts and expectations about pain. It works by unlocking and releasing some of our preconceived notions and allows us to work directly with the subconscious mind. Through hypnosis we can find new and better ways of responding to pain.

How can Emotional Freedom Therapy help?

Research has shown that Emotional Freedom Therapy, or Tapping, engages acupressure points while also lowering cortisol. So it allows the body to release the endorphins that lower pain. Because Tapping sends calming, relaxing signals directly to the amygdala it may also help to override the brain's negativity more rapidly. By using Tapping we're able to reprogram the brain to support more positive experiences, such as pain relief, pleasure and relaxation.

How can Reiki Healing help?

Reiki helps us to feel more balanced. During a Reiki session muscles are relaxed and energy flow is unblocked. This helps to reduce physical tension and pain. Because chronic pain can also stem from psychological and emotional disturbances Reiki can bring relief from not only the physical aspects of pain but also the anxiety that often comes with it.

Pain Management Swansea

Caradie James Pain Management can help you to reduce, manage and in some cases eliminate your symptoms.

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