Some women find it difficult to conceive even when there are no medical problems.

The stress of every day living, family problems, or issues from the past can contribute to infertility. Caradie is experienced at helping women to remove the emotional blocks that can stop them from conceiving a longed for child.

During a session you will receive hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Therapy and Reiki healing.

In a scientific study at the University of Soroka in Israel a group of women were given hypnosis during IVF, while another group were not. The study showed that those who had received Hypnotherapy had a 30% success rate. Whereas only 14% of un-hypnotized women conceived.

The main benefit of Hypnotherapy in trying to conceive is relaxation, which contributes to reduced uterine contractions. For women who are undergoing IVF this can be very helpful.

The Complete Healing Package provided by Caradie James is a powerful and deeply relaxing treatment for women who are trying to conceive.

Caradie is experienced in helping women to overcome the emotional barriers that may stop them becoming pregnant naturally or with IVF.

Trying to conceive in Swansea?

Trying to conceive can be a very stressful process. Hypnotherapy is a safe, natural treatment which has been proven to reduce stress. Caradie is one of the most recommended Swansea hypnotherapists.

To book a hypnotherapy or counselling session, please call on 07918 955 637 or 01792 220611 or contact Caradie

Increasing Fertility MP3

Below is a sample of Caradie's powerful hypnosis session designed to increase fertility and help you to conceive. The full recording can be purchased at Hypnosis Swansea Downloads.

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