Many of us have fears or phobias which can be big or small.

Sometimes we develop irrational fears or phobias we can’t control. These may include a fear of flying, spiders, or speaking in public. A fear or phobia can limit or even cripple your everyday life. If left untreated, phobias can lead to further detrimental effects, incapacitating the victim in situations that trigger the fears.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help?

One of the most common reasons for people to seek hypnotherapy is for help with overcoming a phobia. Hypnotherapy can help with phobias in many ways. It will teach you relaxation and visualisation techniques for systematic desensitisation. You will also learn new habits such as being more relaxed and calm. Although it may seem obvious, these habits exist on the same unconscious level as the original phobia and hypnosis will help to create them quickly. You will come to an internal understanding and acceptance of how the phobia may once have served you but has now become an unnecessary behaviour pattern. This issue can resolve itself under a conscious level of awareness. Hypnosis simply accelerates the internal ability we have to get over irrational fears.

How Can Emotional Freedom Therapy Help?

EFT works on the same body system of energy meridians or channels that acupuncturists use. They direct the body’s natural energy flow using needles into specific points on any meridian, depending on the condition they’re treating. EFT theory says your fear, phobia, pain, or disease is caused by an imbalance or disruption in your energy. EFT uses the tapping of the therapist’s fingers, not needles, to clear energy blockages and restore balance. By tapping on the acupuncture or acupressure points, you can eliminate negative emotions like fear, anxiety, stress and phobia very quickly.

By combining EFT with hypnosis Caradie James offers a particularly powerful treatment for phobias.

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No More Panic MP3

Below is a sample of Caradie's powerful hypnosis session designed help you to feel safer and more confident in your ability to cope. The full recording is available at Hypnosis Swansea Downloads.

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