"I have for several years been alcohol dependent, drinking every evening.

I booked appointments with Caradie following a referral from a friend. I must say I found Caradie to be very professional with a lovely calming demeanour. After each session the level of deep relaxation is amazing, which gives me a real feel good lift and inner peace. I would highly recommend Caradie.

By the way I still enjoy a social event and have the odd alcoholic drink. Caradie has given me that balance back in my life which I am absolutely thrilled with. Thank you so much Caradie ๐Ÿ˜Š "

- Amelia (Swansea)

"After feeling that my alcohol consumption was steadily increasing over years and feeling I was losing control Caradie helped me stop completely. I was finding it increasingly more difficult to even go one day without drinking at least 1 bottle of wine and often more.

Itโ€™s the longest Iโ€™ve not had a drink for besides pregnancy in my adult life. There was some counselling along side the hypnotherapy which brought up some issues from the past without being too intrusive.

I would highly recommend Caradie to anyone who feels their alcohol consumption is getting out of control. She is a very warm and welcoming lady and I canโ€™t praise her enough."

- Lindsay (Swansea) โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…

Stop Drinking

Hypnotherapy for alcohol abuse in Swansea. Hypnosis to help you stop drinking so much, or quit drinking completely

This treatment is for people who are drinking too much habitually, but who are not physically dependent on alcohol. If you are an alcoholic please contact your GP and/or Alcoholics Anonymous.

stop drinking swansea help with alcohol abuse


Alcohol abuse, also known as alcohol misuse, is a serious problem. If you are abusing alcohol you are drinking too much alcohol too often. This can lead to physical and mental health issues if you don't get professional help and begin to address the problem.

Excess drinking can harm your body. It can cause you to function less well at work. Relationships become unstable and often break down.

Alcohol is a toxic substance therefore excess drinking can pollute your body and mind. It can distort your thinking and cause Insomnia.


There are many reasons why you might be abusing alcohol or drinking too much.


Stress can cause you to drink too much. Many people began to drink too much during lockdown, which was a very stressful time for a high percentage of the population. Stress can also be caused by changes at work such as more responsibility, longer hours or being made redundant.
Changes in your personal life can also be very stressful. Difficulty in relationships, a new child in the home, the onset of illness for a loved one and general unrest at home can cause life to become stressful.


Bereavement can cause you to drink too much. The loss of a partner, family member, or a beloved pet can cause anxiety and feelings of hopelessness about the future. You might view alcohol as a means of escape from the realities of a painful situation.


Loneliness can cause excess drinking. If you are feeling lonely due to bereavement or a relationship breakdown you might be drinking too much to mask feelings of despair.


This can be one of the most painful times in life. Facing up to the reality of the changes you are going through, perhaps with children, can be very difficult and can cause the onset of alcohol abuse.


If you are drinking alcohol every night you are in danger of becoming an alcoholic, in other words developing a physical dependency on alcohol. Alcoholism is a very serious and dangerous disease which will shorten and eventually ruin your life if you allow it to develop.

If you are in this situation of nightly drinking you need to begin to understand why you are placing yourself in such a precarious situation. There are forces within you, at an unconscious level, that are causing you to sabotage your health and well-being. Understanding what is driving you to behave in a self destructive manner can help you to stop nightly drinking and stop abusing alcohol for the rest of your life.

Talking about yourself and your life experience combined with the relaxing effects of hypnosis can release you from the downward spiral you have begun to create. Uplifting your mind and creating better health will change your life for the better in a lasting way.


If you're drinking too much but are not yet a full blown alcoholic hypnotherapy can help you a great deal. Through a combination of cognitive and hypnoanalytic techniques you will have the opportunity to discover the underlying reasons for your excess drinking.

Alcohol is often used as a means of escape from deeply held pain, the origins of which reside in the unconscious mind. In hypnosis you are able to allow the release of painful situations from the past which can stop you from living your life fully and developing your true potential.

The Caradie James alcohol program is a powerful tool for change.

The treatment consists of an initial consultation, which includes a full hypnosis session, followed by ten weekly sessions. Each session combines hypnosis with counselling, Emotional Freedom Therapy and Reiki healing.

These are powerful sessions which can help you to turn your life around and free you from alcohol abuse.

If you would like to book an appointment or have any further questions about the treatment, please call on 07918 955 637 or 01792 220611 or contact Caradie

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