Below is a selection of some of Caradie's recent testimonials.

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"I was in the middle of my Master's Degree when I was diagnosed with anxiety/depression. I had to give up my studies and leave my job. I just couldn't function properly. The world was very grey and I felt helpless and incapable. My G. P. Put me on anti-depressants which helped a bit, but I knew they were suppressing my symptoms rather than curing my illness.

Fortunately a colleague at the university suggested Caradie. To be honest I was unsure but desperate enough to give it a try. I felt better even after the first session. I'm now off tablets, working and back on my course. I've finally got my mojo back and feel very hopeful about my life.

Hypnotherapy, combined with the other skills Caradie uses, really worked for me. Worth every penny!"

- Janice Macrae, Swansea

"It's 3 years this month since I stopped smoking. I saw Caradie once and haven't touched another cigarette since. I don't know what she did other than I felt very relaxed after.

A few months later I was having trouble at work and worrying about being made redundant. I stopped sleeping properly and felt anxious for no reason. I went back to Caradie for the Complete Healing Package. She was very positive and calming at the same time. I'm a more relaxed person in general now.

Thanks Caradie."

Peter Cass, Gorseinon

"Having read an earlier review I decided to give Caradie a go. I was going though divorce proceedings which had dragged on for over a year, getting more and more unpleasant and painful as time wore on.

As a result by the time I finally had booked my first session of hypnotherapy I was sleeping badly, feeling totally useless and felt that I had lost virtually all my self esteem. Caradie was just what I needed. She is a very kind and pleasant lady and my first hypnotherapy session left me feeling more in control and somehow calmer. I am now sleeping better and feeling so much more positive and worthwhile. I would unhesitatingly recommend her to anyone in a similar predicament."

Joanne Evans, Swansea

"After three failed IVF attempts I was in despair about whether or not I'd ever become a mother. The doctors said there was no medical reason which made me feel even more inadequate about myself as a woman. Caradie helped me to heal the grief and gave me my confidence back.

The way she approaches things is to look at the underlying issues, things I'd never thought about before. I felt a lot of emotional support from her which enabled me to keep going through a very painful time. The techniques she uses also helped me to strengthen my fertility. I gave birth to my son, Christopher, last year and am so glad I went to see her."

Lia Bennedetti, Mumbles

"I can honestly say that the sessions I had with Caradie changed my life. My business was going through a rough patch then my best mate died in a car crash. I had difficulty sleeping and sometimes I felt panicky.

I didn't think hypnosis could help me but I was desperate to try anything. I just couldn't believe the difference it made. After a few sessions I felt so relaxed and things are a lot easier now. I'm glad I gave Caradie a go."

Rhys Etheridge, Swansea

"I've had anxiety/depression all my life due to a difficult childhood. The doctor gave me tablets and I had some counselling, but nothing really changed. Work was O. K. But I had a lot of trouble with relationships. I saw Caradie when I was separated from my second wife.

We have two children and I was making life miserable for them as well as my wife. Caradie's de-stress package helped me to become a lot calmer and feel more confident with relationships. I am back with my wife and family and my life has changed completely. I'd definitely recommend this treatment. It helped me so much and in the end it's affected my whole family for the better."

Hywel Williams, Gorseinon

"Caradie came recommended to me by my sister who had been to her for help with panic and anxiety attacks following the death of her husband. My problem was similar but mainly centred round the fact that I couldn't cope when I lost my job.Began to drink too much and couldn't cope with day to day living. She has helped me enormously, and I have now been able to sort myself out. Back in work now with a new man in my life.

Many thanks Caradie. Another success!"

Sasha Hodgson, Swansea

"Having smoked for 40 years I thought there was little hope of me becoming a non-smoker. Thanks to Caradie James my dreams came true and I haven't smoked now for over 3 years. She has a sympathetic manner and natural warmth and her voice is very calming and relaxing. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life."

Veronica Nelson, Swansea

"As a member of The medical profession I can thoroughly recommend Caradie James. After a few sessions my stress levels were visibly reduced. I could also sleep better and my menopause symptoms, which were quite bothersome, had all but disappeared."

Karen Davies, Swansea Enterprise Park

"I contacted Caradie James hypnotherapy on the recommendation of a work colleague who, like me, had been experiencing high levels of pressure and stress at work. Having been made redundant 18 months age I was facing the shattering prospect of another 'restructure' at work and the likelihood that I would once more lose my job. I honestly felt that I couldn't deal with the strain and anxiety of this as well as trying to maintain my home and family life which seemed to becoming increasingly demanding and chaotic as I focussed more and more on my problems at work.

I have to say that I was very sceptical whether hypnotherapy would make any difference to the dreadful way I was feeling but thankfully I was wrong.

Caradie is a warm caring person with a lovely gentle voice, even after the first session I felt, to my surprise, more positive and less anxious about what was happening in my life. I have visited her twice now and I feel that I am calmer and able to cope much better with what is happening in both my family and work life and to influence both more positively.

My sleep pattern has also improved which has helped me enormously too.

I would and have recommended Caradie to anyone suffering stress and anxiety."

Alex Hartop

"I gave birth to my third child just after my mum died. I was exhausted and stressed and gaining weight quickly. Caradie made me see that I was carrying a lot of weight on the inside as well as outside. I lost over a stone and feel a lot happier."

Suzanne Summers - Swansea

"I saw Caradie when my daughter, Chloe, was seven weeks old. I was in a terrible state with postnatal depression and my mum had to look after her. It was the worst time of my life. I didn't want hypnotherapy but my friend said give it a try. Fair dos Caradie was brilliant. After four or five sessions I was looking after Chloe and feeling better. After a few more sessions I felt really good and have never looked back."

Mair Jenkins, Gorseinon

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