Weight Loss

Losing weight is not just about diet and exercise.

The key to making long-lasting changes is in the mind. Hypnosis can help change the way you think and allow you to reach your weight loss goals with ease.

The Caradie James Healing Package combines hypnosis with Emotional Freedom Therapy and Reiki healing. The five session treatment plan is based on scientific principles set out in the book, "Fat Around the Middle," by weight loss expert Dr. Marilyn Glenville.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a deeply relaxing and calming therapy for mind and body. Our conscious minds use five per cent of our brains. But a skilled hypnotherapist can help you to access the other ninety-five per cent, known as the unconscious mind. This is where we store our memories and past experiences, the suppression of which may cause us to feel anxious. When we're anxious we overeat or, for chemical reasons, are drawn to foods that cause weight gain.

Hypnotherapy can alleviate the mental and physical symptoms that stop you from losing weight and leading a happy and fulfilling life.

How does Hypnotherapy Help Me to Lose Weight?

Hypnotherapy helps you to lose weight by tapping into the power of the unconscious mind. Hypnotherapy uses the power of the unconscious mind to help control the desire to overeat.

Why do we sometimes overeat?

Overeating and eating the wrong kinds of food is often linked to emotional issues :

  • Eating to comfort ourselves
  • Eating when we're happy
  • Eating when we're sad

Our eating habits are often closely linked to our emotional state. Our mind and emotions override the body's natural signals: our body tells us we do not need to eat but our conscious and unconscious mind tells us that we want to eat.

Break free from the cycle of Emotional Eating and Guilt Forever!

Hypnotherapy puts you back in control of your eating habits.

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Emotional Eating MP3

Below is a sample of Caradie's powerful hypnosis session designed to help you lose weight. The full recording can be purchased at Hypnosis Swansea Downloads.

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